You think you’ll be recognised, Merlin? Is that it? All this so, one day, you can be a serving boy to the King?

No. There’s something more. Something you’re not telling me, isn’t there?

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Merlin + Childhood classics with a twist

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Raggedy Man, good night.

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make me choose:
anonymous asked: Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans
     ↣ “I weep at everything. I just love things so much.”

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And forfeit your whole kingdom
I’d sooner lose it than still live in it alone

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Merlin and Arhur - random screencaps per day - day 97

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Has an angel descended from the heavens this morn?
For I now I have seen your face and forever more I shall be forlorn

Theregoesallthecottoncandy’s poetic reaction to the long Colin Testament of Youth picture post
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What, who do you think you are? The King?

No. I’m his son, Arthur.

Dedicated to cariadollophead, the runner up in my Tumblr Awards

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URL Graphics - beenwandering

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