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Eleven. 11 Things I Loved About 2011 | Misha Collins.

Misha Collins is really something else, but I’m still trying to figure out what. Of course, I knew about Misha a few years before this one — in fact, he was the reason I got into Supernatural in the first place. The first scene of the show I had ever seen, and the first time I ever saw Misha, was Castiel’s entrance, and that scene was so intense and so amazing that I just had to know what the rest of the show was about. He introduced me to my favorite show, so I guess I have him to thank for that. But that’s not the only reason I love Misha, and it wasn’t until this year that I really saw the man for what he is: Remarkable.

Misha Collins is, of course, undefinable. He grew up without a lot of money and with a lot of hard times, but he still somehow remembered how to smile. He put himself through college with the money he earned working as a carpenter — and he went on to build his future-wife’s bed, their home, and most of the furniture in their home. He worked as an intern in the White House during Clinton’s presidency. He’s a published poet. He is also an extremely talented actor. He’s the husband of his high school sweetheart, and he’s the father of an adorable little boy. Not only is he all these things, but he’s also an unlikely sort of person. Who else do you know co-founds their own charity organization because he once saw a woman give his mother money to feed her family? Who else uses that organization to travel to poor countries and build schools for underprivileged children? Who else creates a world record breaking scavenger hunt, consisting of the strangest items of all time, and then flies the winning team out for a dinner in Rome on his own dime, simply because he had some free time on his hands? Who else uses his fans — excuse me, his minions — to clean up the backyard of another person, and then buys them all pizza and dances with them? Who else runs for an entire day to raise money, or at the very least awareness, for charity? Who else chops down a dead tree and puts it right in the middle of a busy highway in order to tell people to be kinder to our planet? Who’s trying to take over the world, one random act of kindness at a time? No one. Just Misha.

On top of all this, Misha is also one of the funniest people I have ever witnessed. He’s fiercely intelligent, and has such a clever wit. Yeah, sometimes he comes off as a little bit of a jerk, but I think he’s genius. But the thing that strikes me the most is how genuinely friendly he is. I’ve met Misha; I’ve had a conversation with him. And he really seems like he cares about what everyone has to say. He goofs around with us at conventions, he looks us in the eyes when we talk, he plays Words With Friends with us, he sends us silly little messages and pictures on Twitter, he signs his emails to us with “that’s why I love you” and “your friend, Misha,” he keeps us somewhat involved and a part of his personal life. He really treats us more like friends than fans — like he’s known us all his life. A lot of celebrities don’t care, so I love that he truly does.

Misha has changed my life for the better. He really makes me want to be a better person. He makes me want to help, not just those less fortunate than myself, but everyone and everything. Anyone with eyes can see that Misha really enjoys life. He knows life is too short to not have fun and love every second of it. He’s not afraid to be himself. He’s taught me to do the same, to live my life in my own way and not care what anyone else thinks of me; and to help others do the same. He’s just such a rare, impeccable human being; and I would go so far as to call him a hero. Maybe not everyone will know who he is, and that’s their loss, but I don’t think Misha does what he does to be thanked. I think he does it to lead by example, and he uses his influence to change people’s minds and make the human race just that much better.

Misha Collins is completely insane — legitimately, the maddest person I’ve ever seen, and sometimes I wonder how someone’s brain can work that way — but, the first time I ever saw him, sparks flew. Literally. Misha Collins is a good man — the best man — and I respect him very much. Misha Collins is really something special. Misha Collins makes the world a better place simply by living, and I appreciate all that he is.

Now, there’s not much left to say to all of you but this: Happy New Year! I hope you find more than twelve reasons to make it a good one.

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