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  1. The Cave | Mumford & Sons [X]
    [Charles’ POV.]
    But I will hold on hope/ and I won’t let you choke/ on the noose around your neck/ And I’ll find strength in pain/ and I will change my ways/ I’ll know my name as it’s called again
  2. Lost | Michael Buble []
    'Cause you are not alone/ and I'm always there with you/ and we'll get lost together/ until the light comes pouring through/ When you feel like you're done/ and the darkness has won/ babe, you're not lost
  3. Around My Head | Cage the Elephant []
    [Erik’s POV.]
    I don’t think it’s very nice/ to walk around my head all night
  4. Swallowed in the Sea | Coldplay []
    [Erik’s POV.]
    You put me on a line/ and hung me out to dry/ and darling that’s when I/ decided to go and see/ You cut me down to size/ and opened up my eyes/ Made me realize/ what I could not see
  5. A Quiet Mind | Blue October []
    [Charles’ POV.]
    Give me a quiet mind and I/ I love you/ Give me a quiet mind and I/ I’ll love you/ until the end
  6. Read My Mind | The Killers [X]
    I don’t mind if you don’t mind/ ‘cause I don’t shine if you don’t shine/ Before you go/ tell me what you find/ Can you read my mind?
  7. Your Love Means Everything | Faultline & Coldplay []
    [Charles’ injury.] [Erik’s POV.]
    I saw a broken arm/ Machines will all break down in the way I know/ Mended and all made clean/ I saw upon the screen all the stones I’d thrown/ It was a strange reaction/ for someone like you to remain so sure/ And in a chain reaction/ I dissolve and break down and then away I crawl
  8. Just Say Yes| Snow Patrol []
    [Erik asks Charles to come with him.] [Erik’s POV.]
    I’m running out of ways to make you see/ I want you to stay here beside me/ I won’t be okay and I won’t pretend I am/ So just tell me today and take my hand/ Please take my hand/ Just say yes/ Just say there’s nothing holding you back/ It’s not a test/ nor a trick of the mind, only love
  9. Somewhere a Clock is Ticking | Snow Patrol []
    [Charles’ injury/Erik asks Charles to come with him.] [Charles’ POV.]
    Wage your war/ Another soldier says he’s not scared to die/ Well I am scared/ I am so scared
  10. One Wing | Wilco []
    One wing will never ever fly, dear/ neither yours nor mine/ I fear we can only wave goodbye
  11. Battlefield | Jordin Sparks [X]
    I never meant to start a war/ You know I never wanna hurt you/ Don’t even know what we’re fighting for/ Why does love always feel like a battlefield?
  12. With or Without You | Keane []
    [Erik’s POV.]
    Through the storm we reach the shore/ You give it all but I want more/ And I’m waiting for you/ With or without you/ With or without/ I can’t live/ with or without you
  13. Chelsea Hotel No. 2 | Rufus Wainwright []
    [Charles POV.]
    But you got away/ didn’t you, babe/ You just turned your back on the crowd/ You got away/ I never once heard you say/ I need you/ I don’t need you/ I need you/ I don’t need you/ and all of that jiving around
  14. The Scientist | Coldplay []
    [Post-breakup.] [Charles’ POV.]
    I was just guessing/ on numbers and fingers/ pulling your puzzles apart/ Questions of science/ science and progress/ could not speak as loud as my heart
  15. I Miss You | Blink-182 [X]
    [Post-breakup.] [Erik’s POV.]
    Don’t waste your time on me/ You’re already the voice inside my head
  16. Somewhere Out There | Our Lady Peace []
    [Charles uses Cerebro to try to find Erik.] [Post-breakup.]
    Turn on the radio/ to find you on satellite/ I’m waiting for the sky to fall/ I’m waiting for a sign/ And all we are/ is all so far/ You’re falling back to me/ the star that I can’t see/ I know you’re out there/ somewhere out there
  17. The Ocean | The Bravery []
    [Charles uses Cerebro to try to find Erik.] [Post-breakup.]
    The sun and the moon/ an ocean of air/ So many voices/ but nothing is there/ but the ghost of you asking me why/ why did I leave?
  18. Through the Trees | Low Shoulder []
    [Post-breakup.] [Charles’ POV.]
    And I remember how we used to talk/ about the places we would go when we grew up/ and all that we were gonna find/ And I remember watching our seeds grow/ and how you cried when you saw the first leaf show/ The love was pouring from you eyes
  19. Junebug | Robert Francis []
    [Stewart!Charles/McKellen!Erik] [Charles’ POV]
    Junebug, I remember everything/ the blue carpeted floors, the tall wooden doors/ I held you in my arms/ Junebug, I’d burn down a picture of a house/ say it was ours, when we didn’t need it anymore/ And that was when I loved you best/ We were kids then/ We shouldn’t think about the rest
  20. Stay | Hurts [X]
    Alright, everything is alright/ since you came along/ And before you/ I had nowhere to run to/ nothing to hold on to/ I came so close to giving up/ and I wonder if you know/ how it feels to let you go/ You say goodbye in the pouring rain/ and I break down as you walk away/ Stay, stay/ ‘Cause all my life I’ve felt this way/ but I could never find the words to say/ Stay, stay
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