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Day Ten. 10 Days of Merlin | Favorite Ship: Merthur.

"A half cannot truly hate that which makes it whole."

Day Nine. 10 Days of Merlin | Favorite Actress: Katie McGrath.

"The first thing I ever wanted to be was a backup singer for Guns ‘n’ Roses."

Day Eight. 10 Days of Merlin | Favorite Actor: Colin Morgan.

"One of the most important things is to remind yourself of where you are from and be thankful. I don’t for a second take anything for granted. That’s a good way to start your day."

Day Seven. 10 Days of Merlin | Favorite Quote: Merlin in “The Lady of the Lake” [2x09].

"Being different is nothing to be scared of."

Day Six. 10 Days of Merlin | Favorite Season: Season Four.

"When the sword was thrust into the stone, the ancient king foretold that one day it would be freed again at a time where Camelot needed it most. The man who freed it would unite the land of Albion and rule over the greatest kingdom the world has ever known. That man is you, Arthur."

Day Five. 10 Days of Merlin | Favorite Episode: “A Servant of Two Masters” [4x06].

"You never know when you might need to kill someone."

Day Four. 10 Days of Merlin | Favorite Scene: The Knights of the Round Table, “The Coming of Arthur, Part Two” [3x13].

"This table belonged to the Ancient Kings of Camelot. The Round Table afforded no one man more important than the other. They believed in equality in all things, so it seems fitting that we revive this tradition now. Without each of you, we would not be here. My father has languished in prison too long. Tomorrow, I make my bit to rescue him. Are there any around this round table who will join me?"

Day Three. 10 Days of Merlin | Favorite Villain: Mordred.

"You and the boy are as different as day and night."

Day Two. 10 Days of Merlin | Favorite Female Character: Morgana Pendragon.

Uther: You will go to your chambers!
Morgana: And you, Uther, you will go to hell.

Day One. 10 Days of Merlin | Favorite Male Character: Merlin.

"It’s lonely, to be more powerful than any man you know and have to live like a shadow; to be special and have to pretend you’re a fool."