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Good god why is this cracking me up so much


So I started school again and reached a follower goal i set almost 4 years ago so yay! nobody cares I know lol 


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there are people in the fandom who can

  • write fanfictions
  • draw fanarts
  • create gifs
  • think of theories
  • edit stuff

and then there’s me

But there’s you, who

  • Read our fanfictions
  • Like/Reblog/Commission us for our fanarts
  • View our gifs
  • Support our theories
  • Are amused by our edits

You are just as important as the rest of us.







#midnight is a tERRIFYING EPISODE okay

We still dont even know what the THING WAS

there is no monster in all of doctor who that terrified me as much as this one. I mean yeah there have been terrible, terrible creatures, but the doctor always managed to defeat them. He didn’t manage to defeat this one. It’s still out there, on the diamond planet and it would’ve killed him and taken over the whole universe if it wasn’t for that stewardess. Because if a creature like that can live on the diamond planet - a planet where everyone thought nothing can survive, what can it do to the rest of the world?

Not only was the monster deeply disturbing, but the humans were as well. In this episode we have both humans at their lowest, lashing out in fear like mindless animals, and humans at their best.


this fucking mentality that you can’t be best friends with your significant other, that romance ruins a friendship, that BOTH FRIENDSHIP AND ROMANCE CANNOT OCCUR SIMULTANEOUSLY kills me like

that’s such a horrible, horrible and unhealthy mentality to have


Nicki minaj is an excellent and dynamic rapper, lyrically and stylistically, she’s topped charts in a male dominated space, she started from the absolute bottom and knows how to hustle and work her image, I don’t care wether you care for her style of music or not but if you dismiss her as a trash artist I’m gonna heavily side eye you

make me choose → anonymous asked: the iron throne room or camelot’s throne room


i just want someone to look at me the way andrew garfield looks at emma stone


Merlin Warm Bodies AU
Staring zombie!Merlin and Hunter!Arthur. I drew this artwork for In a Land of Zombies and a Time of Prats by itwasyummy, under the After Camlann Merlin Big Bang challenge

Chapter headings below the cut & larger versions of the art in the links.

[high res Merlin] [high res Arthur] [Masterpost on LJ] [my art tag]

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As an actor, when you go for auditions, there are certain roles that come along and you think, I really want that one, and Prince Arthur was definitely one of those. I remember the last audition I did was this workshop where they had lots of Arthurs there, and me looking at each one thinking they weren’t right for the part, because they weren’t me!”